I took the bus to her house
she wasn’t ready
and her mother didn’t really want me
hanging round 
she hid me in the front room
warning me
“don’t sit down
she won’t be long”
and leaving with a look of wonder
wondering were the world
had gone
since she was a young girl
we grunted, left
I took her hand
which brought a silence
and a hard-on
strange how small things counted
way back then

I’d bought some ciggies
a whole pack (of ten)
it illustrated both my affluence
and my ability
to protect her
as one of the boys
though to balance that with style
I elected not to spit
I could tell she was impressed.
Inside the pictures
she didn’t want to sit
right at the back
and I was quite pissed off
but followed her
towards the middle
I still tried
I laid me arm
across the back of her seat
left it, like it wasn’t mine
let her get used to it
I guess we both were bored
by the time I got to touch her
and though she let me snog her
(nearly broke me back)
she wouldn’t let me near her tits
and I settled for her knee.

I don’t remember
what the flick was
some cheap Hammer Horror, prob’ly
wasn’t the point, of course
and when we took the bus home
standing at her door
I nearly got to snog her
once again
but her mother
yanked the door open
said “Well, you’d best be off, now”
and, trying to hide me hard-on,
I skulked off down her path
then I hid the ciggies in me sock
before I went home meself
and into bed, the best bit
where she was mine
in any form I chose.
copyright Raslo Layton 1999